Jon Minjoe began his entrepreneurial journey in 2011, co-founding Beast Digital and serving as COO and Managing Partner throughout his tenure. Beast was a digital marketing agency focused on helping candidates from the State House to the White House. The all-encompassing work conducted by the company included online advertising, video production, social media management, website design and development, personal branding, and email fundraising. In his leadership role, Minjoe helped candidates all across the country raise millions of dollars, and win thousands of elections.

After stepping away from the political arena in 2020, Minjoe became an owner and CEO of LeakAware. The software start-up helps multifamily owners and operators save time, money, and water by tracking water usage in real-time, identifying leaks as they occur, and providing simple workflows to track down leaks and fix them quickly.

Minjoe is a natural coach, working with his teams to get the most out of every person, every day. As gregarious as he is hard working, Minjoe imbues the same blue collar work ethic he grew up with into every organization of which he is a part.

In his increasingly little spare time, you can find Minjoe taking the stage to perform stand-up at local comedy clubs across the DFW Metroplex, golfing, playing hockey, or nurturing his new-found love of cooking and baking.

A Michigan native, he now resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife Sarah.

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